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The Workshare Empire Strikes Back

Workshare has just announced they have successfully won back German law firm Gleiss Lutz, with the firm deploying the latest version of Workshare Professional.

Marc Geiger, Head of Operations & IT said “Workshare Professional is a leading document comparison program – not only with law firms but also with their clients. For Gleiss Lutz it was important to use the same platform as our clients so when Workshare released the latest version we had to try it out. We were really impressed with the level of quality. We didn't encounter any problems during testing and its accuracy and ease of use made our decision to use Workshare again very easy.”

With more than 260 lawyers in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Brussels, Gleiss Lutz advises domestic and foreign companies and corporate groups from a wide variety of sectors, as well as public corporations and institutions. Workshare’s Vice President EMEA Frank Boening said “We are delighted to have Gleiss Lutz return as a customer. We’ve put in a huge amount of work to make the quality of our products the highest it’s ever been. We believe Workshare provides the best user experience available for comparison and this latest validation makes us very proud.”

Comment: Workshare are not permitted to disclose the identity of the swapout however from the Legal Technology Insider archive we can report that in January 2009 Gleiss Lutz defected from Workshare to the DocsCorp pdfDocs suite. The latest switch-back is clearly a set back for David Woolstencroft at the Redlining Rebel Alliance as the Workshare Empire strikes back. Although if we take this analogy to its logical conclusion, David Woolstencroft must be Frank Boening's son. (If you've never seen the original StarWars movie trilogy, these comments will be meaningless.)

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