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The WS Society partner with Solcara to launch The Signet Online

The WS Society has partnered with Solcara, experts in connecting people and information, to create The Signet Online, a new online service that will provide subscribers with streamlined access to multiple sources of legal information.

The WS Society, Scotland’s independent association for lawyers, is providing this revolutionary new service for legal professionals worldwide. Underpinning The Signet Online is an innovative partnering and revenue sharing model between Solcara and The WS Society. It is this that has enabled the Society to provide this new service worldwide, to members and non-members alike.

SolSearch, Solcara’s federated search technology, is well established with larger law firms where it is used to simplify access to internal and online information. With the launch of The Signet Online, firms of all sizes and across all geographies will be able to access multiple online legal resources using SolSearch.

Robert Pirrie, Chief Executive of The WS Society, commented: “Our objective with The Signet Online is to give lawyers a convenient desktop tool that supports their research needs from within their own office. This is all part of our transition from a hard copy lending model to a contemporary and comprehensive knowledge services approach. We are delighted to be working with a market leader like Solcara. The service will be available to lawyers everywhere on a subscription basis. Our own members and WS law firms will benefit from a significant discount.”

Rob Martin, Managing Director of Solcara, commented: “In creating The Signet Online, the WS Society is opening the lid on services and technology that was previously only available to larger firms. Central to this is the shared revenue model Solcara and the Society have put in place. This is a further endorsement of Solcara’s strategy to develop market leading software delivered through innovative business models. The Signet Online will be available to all, from the high street solicitor to medium sized firms. The service is unique within the UK legal sector and could form the basis of additional services that we offer in partnership with The WS Society targeted at the UK and other legal jurisdictions.”

* The interesting feature about this deal is the revenue sharing approach which means the WS Society and its members get to enjoy search technology they would otherwise be unable to afford – and Solcara gets established in a sector of the market it would never otherwise be active in. Full marks to Solcara for being prepared to take a punt and explore alternative pricing models.