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The Years Top 10 M&A codenames

Normally at this time of the year, publications run lists of the Top 10 Baby Names etc – but we’re doing something different. With the assistance of virtual data room provider Drooms we are giving you… drum roll… the Top Ten M&A Project Codenames in 2012

1. Phoenix
2. Gold
3. Mars
4. Blue
5. Sky
6. Alpha
7. Pegasus
8. Emerald
9. Platinum
10. Horizon

Commenting on the findings, Drooms UK managing director Howard Revens said “Code names relevant to the Greek alphabet, legends and valuables are amongst the most popular amongst executives trying to add a sense of enticement to their assets. For example, names such as Phoenix and Pegasus resemble something rising up and taking flight, bringing a sense of growth and success to the transaction, whilst Gold, Emerald and Platinum suggest the high value of an asset. Colours are also popular although Red is never used.”

• Drooms has over 100,000 unique users and has supported over 3000 transactions with an aggregate value of over €200 billion.

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No jokes please about Uranus being a suitable name for some M&A deals in the legal IT world!

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