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They ain't happy – the updated version

One of the UK's providers of online legal training and information via the websites and today announced the termination of its agreements and all business relations with Semple Piggot Rochez Ltd, Semple Piggot Rochez (Legal Education) Ltd and Michael Semple Piggot. Ltd entered into these agreements from November 2006 onwards but these have been terminated and are no longer in effect due to SPR Ltd, SPR (LE) Ltd and Michael Semple Piggot being in breach of and unable to fulfil contractual commitments.

Peter Lewinton, managing director of Legal Ltd commented “It has become necessary for to cease all activities with SPR Ltd, SPR (LE) Ltd and Mr Semple Piggot and make it clear to all those with an interest in the publication of legal information online that we are not working with SPR Ltd, SPR (LE) Ltd or Mr Semple Piggot.”

In response Mike Semple Piggot said “Although there was never any direct personal contractual relationship between and myself – all the contracts were at a corporate level – it has proved difficult in current trading conditions for SPR to continue to fulfill its obligations.”

Mike Semple Piggot added “I still believe in the vision of online training as the future. Peter Lewinton has some excellent ideas that I believe he will be able to deliver. I wish him well.”