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Thirty percent solution at W Davies

BigHand today announced that W. Davies Solicitors has reduced the average time taken for secretaries to transcribe dictations by 30%, as a result of deploying BigHand’s speech recognition module.

Trudi Fletcher, senior secretary for W. Davies, said: “High volume lengthy dictations such as attendance notes were monopolising much of our secretaries’ time, we therefore undertook a trial of speech recognition to understand how the software could remove much of this arduous typing, freeing time for secretaries to focus on more client facing work and increase productivity.

“We found that by simply proofreading automatically transcribed text, secretaries were able to complete the work in two thirds of the time it would have taken previously – given some dictations are 45 minutes in length, the turnaround time is now significantly improved.

“Dragon speech recognition has changed the way we approach document production and the expectations of our secretaries have also evolved. Support staff are now far more productive and have more time to learn new skills – with less time spent typing they are able to take on more of a PA or Executive Assistant role, enhancing the level of client service we deliver.”