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Thomas Eggar partner with Kineo to deploy Totara learning management system

Thomas Eggar LLP has partnered with Kineo to deploy Totara Learning Management System (LMS), an open source LMS developed by Kineo with its partners Catalyst and Flexible Learning. Thomas Eggar  joins a community of corporate customers, including Vodafone, Sony and Tesco, who have recognised the benefits of using a commercial product based on open source technology.  The firm’s LMS called the TE Academy Online offers staff a fully functioning system, managing all their e-Learning and face-to-face training at a fraction of the price of some systems.  Kineo worked closely with the TE team to develop single sign on, a fully functioning CPD module, a budgeting module to track spend and modifications to allow us to filter our users by role, office, department and many other criteria.

Ann Hemming, Consultant and Head of L&D and Knowledge Management at Thomas Eggar said on the LMS system: “The Academy Online allows TE staff to be creative by producing quizzes and automate feedback processes, as well as group training together into meaningful programs.  This is really effective for rolling out risk and compliance programs and our nationally recognised, unique academy approach to training has really inspired our staff.  Totara also has all the social forums, RSS and discussions we need to allow for informal learning – and we have integrated it with Yammer”.

Thomas Eggar has six offices, which means that development of online communications is essential in maintaining excellent communications and opportunities for learning. The Totara system helps TE by integrating all webinar content; the Lync communications suite and online meetings to provide a self-service system that can support a geographically dispersed workforce. The next phase of the roll out will include development of the competency frameworks and individualised learning plans for staff . The LMS is hosted externally which means TE can offer their  staff,  trainers, alumni and new joiners access to the portal 24/7.

From a Knowledge Management (KM) perspective, the LMS is an essential part of the KM strategy as it allows the grouping together of know how and learning, giving the firm a full picture of the developing expertise of their staff. Ann Hemming, continues, “I have worked with a number of LMS providers over the years and always had concerns that the systems weren’t flexible enough to cope with the specific needs of law firms. Totara offers us all the benefits of joining a global user community who support the core open source technology, along with the advantages of having a responsive Kineo team who can tailor the latest developments to our specific needs. The LMS is integrated with our HR, DMS and other core systems and has been very well received within the firm – raising the profile and awareness of all our training initiatives.”