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Thomson Reuters launch new app for iPad

Thomson Reuters Governance, Risk & Compliance has launched the BoardLink iPad app. The new tool for boards of directors and corporate secretaries is designed to increase productivity, improve their ability to make informed decisions while out of the office, and help businesses meet compliance and regulatory obligations.

Corporate board members, corporate secretaries and advisers now have the ability to compile, manage and share board documents anywhere, anytime, with the protection of enterprise-level security. The BoardLink iPad app is ideal for directors who serve on multiple boards and multiple board committees, who must continuously communicate, as well as manage and track sensitive materials, and make informed business decisions.

Thomson Reuters research shows that board members often fear missing key documents and information that may have a significant bearing on the advice they provide company executives and may be critical to important board decisions. The tools and security provided by BoardLink give executives the confidence they haven’t missed anything and reduce the risk exposure of company executives and directors. “We know that making critical business decisions while out of the office or in transit is a headache for board members,” said Kevin Ritchey, senior vice president of Governance, Transactions & Legal Risk at Thomson Reuters. “In the wake of a global recession, board members are shouldering more accountability and are requiring real-time and secure communication with their management teams. BoardLink is a critical communication tool and helps board members provide guidance around disclosure and key business decisions. BoardLink on the iPad will make this work more convenient and board members more productive.”

The business’s work with corporate secretaries and board members led to the design of BoardLink for the iPad, and Thomson Reuters expects that one of the most anticipated uses of the new application will be for reviewing board books. With the BoardLink iPad app, a board member can page through an electronic version of their board book and make notations on documents before, during and after a board or committee meeting. Among its benefits, BoardLink for the iPad:
• Allows board members to keep documents organized from one board to the next.
• Lets board members organize documents for one or multiple committees on which they may be serving.
• Helps board members track board and committee meetings.
• Provides timely, expert-authored headlines and articles about emerging business and legal trends from Reuters News.

The BoardLink iPad app is designed specifically for board members and corporate secretaries and is available free of charge to all current subscribers of BoardLink through the Apple App Store.