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Thomson Reuters special: another acquisition + another Elite 3E win

Last month was a busy time for Thomson Reuters on the acquisitions front and this month seems is no different. The latest deal to be announced is the acquisition of the Scottish*-based case management and workflow software provider Flosuite Legal Solutions, whose systems are in use with law firms in the UK, Australia, Canada and the Cayman Islands. Thomson Reuters say Flosuite will be ‘aligned’ with the groups Legal UK & Ireland business and will “accelerate TR’s move into software and productivity solutions for the UK legal market.” The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Elsewhere on Planet TR, Elite has reported that Minter Ellison, one of the largest law firms in the Asia-Pacific region, has selected Elite 3E as its new financial and practice management platform. This is Elite’s fourth major 3E win in the region in 12 months – Blake Dawson, DLA Phillips Fox New Zealand and a firm on Hong Kong have also ordered 3E during the past year.

Interesting footnote for IT anoraks: Back in August 2000, Minter Ellison selected CMS Open (now an Aderant product) as its new PMS. Three months later is dropped CMS and switched to the rival Keystone system, which also subsequently became part of Aderant.
* If their management turn up at industry events wearing kilts, they can't complain if we call them Scottish.

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Hmm, they toyed with buying Flosuite ~10 years ago but instead partnered up with Metastorm. Strange – must be something interesting going on.

I think its worth noting this is not Thomson Reuters Elite but Thomson Reuters Legal UK (aka Sweet & Maxwell as was) looks like an acquisition for the domestic market – maybe the sort of stuff Laserform used to do?

This gives them a case management capability to rival and upset Lexisnexis's plans to retain the Visualfiles and Solcase user bases but especially to give the larger firms with volume businesses an option when looking at 3e (which does not have volume case management). Now that Lexis's strategy to go with a Microsoft Dynamics kluge is looking shaky (since Microsoft ditched their legal team last week – yet to see any comment on this from Lexis on that) TR could offer Flosuite Case Mgt. as a bolt-on to Elite Enterpise and 3e.

A good win for Elite with Minter Ellison too. Wasn't there a post here recently that Aderant were dominating the market in APAC? It looks like with Blake Dawson and now Minter Ellison implementing 3E in recent times Elite is winning the major accounts and taking Aderant's market share. Aderant's wins seem to be the smaller firms – are they moving their focus to the small firm market in that region to capture disgruntled Locus users?

It's looking like the tables have swung again between Elite and Aderant back in favour of Elite from a new wins perspective. The signs have been there for a while in the UK since the original Aderant team of Hutton and Roberts moved on a few years ago. Now with key executives leaving in the USA too (Kohlsdorf, Howren) they will be on the back foot again for some time. Making it worse for them is that Elite 3e seems to be doing reasonably well at last and Elite have kept a pretty stable team too in the UK. With high risks around the Lexisnexis strategy it's no wonder Elite (and further down the market, Pilgrim) are on a roll.

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