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Those Autonomy rumours again

We were tweeting about it yesterday but in case you missed it, here is the link to the Daily Telegraph report that kicked off the whole Microsoft or Oracle to buy Autonomy rumour earlier in the week. Given it is a slow week for news, we suspect it is just that: rumours.

Still, if it were true… if Microsoft takes them, that acquisition would be purely about search – Microsoft have no intent of carrying forward a DMS solution side by side with SharePoint. And, if it is Oracle? Well, if you look at how well Oracle integrated Stellent, the outlook would be bleak for the iManage business.

Still on the subject of rumours, we're also hearing another hoary old chestnut: that the Tikit Group is about to be bought by either LexisNexis or Thomson Reuters (where it would become the European arm of the Hildebrandt Baker Robbins business). We don't believe this one either – well not this year – however we look forward to Tikit's interim results next Thursday 9th September.

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“purely about search” – aha!! Microsoft Universal Fast Find – can't wait to see that diving into the depths of legal data.

In opening trading Reed Elsevier and Thomson Reuters fell 1% on the news…………..

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