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Those Elite staff changes

So perseverance pays off and we eventually get the invitation to take part in a conference call between the Insider and Steve Buege, the chairman & CEO of Elite, and senior V-P global marketing & product management Kim Massana.

The conversation is prefaced by the explanation that in the light of market trends in 2009, Elite has 'readjusted its own cost structure' to reflect this – which is businessease for 'there's a recession going on' and we're now also part of the Thomson Reuters group so will be using some of their resources instead of reinventing our own wheel.

The first change is that senior V-P & general manager Dan Tacone is leaving Elite to take up a new role within the Thomson Reuters Legal Division. Effectively from this week, Tacone will be heading up a new global accounts team with Thomson Reuters that will provide the top level umbrella relationship between TR and their largest global law customers. The separate business units within TR will still deal with their own discrete products but the logic here seems to be to ensure that someone (ie Tacone's new team) has oversight of the full relationship between the firm and Thomson Reuters.

Although this move was coincidental to the 'cost structure readjustment', Tacone will not be replaced on the board. Instead (with the exception of some of his responsibilities being taken on by global deployment strategy V-P Jesus Ortiz) most of his role will be taken on by existing board member Kim Massana, who has been promoted to senior V-P & general manager.

In another change, global strategy & planning V-P Jitendra (JV) Valera is taking responsibility for the globalization of the Elite family of software products, with particular emphasis upon how the Prolaw system might be rolled out to smaller firms on an international basis, whereas at the moment it is almost exclusively a product for the North American market. (This sounds like Elite is planning to take on the LexisNexis initiative, which has seen the acquisition of Axxia and Visualfiles in recent years.)

Finally, long-time head of marketing Connie Moser has seen her job 'eliminated' and is leaving the company. In future, Elite will be 'leaning more heavily' on the marketing resources within the parent Thomson Reuters group. And, V-P for business intelligence solutions Bruce Wilson (he joined Elite when they acquired his BI company Wilson Technology in 2005) is leaving Elite to set up his own BI consultancy. This appears to be an entirely amicable split, as Wilson's new consultancy will be working with Elite on a number of joint projects.

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50 other people were laid off as well. Why no comment about that, hummmm

Global recessions tend to do that to companies, so no surprises there. Just like the law firms they serve, Elite isn't recession proof.

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