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Tikit brings back the filenote for DMS users

The UK-based Tikit Group has added to its portfolio inhouse developed software with the launch of Tikit Filenote, a new application to make life easier for Autonomy iManage DMS users.

When law firms stored all their documents in paper files, the cover sheet attached to the front of the file or notes scribbled on the front cover recorded useful information about the file. These notes varied but usually included key details of the matter including the main contacts involved, telephone numbers and files access details etc. This gave lawyers who were involved with the matter a simple way to quickly understand the current standing of the matter. The move to electronic document storage has brought a number of benefits but one area which hasn’t survived the transition from paper file to electronic version is the file cover sheet. Tikit FileNote provides a solution to this by allowing an electronic version of these details, which can be accessed and updated using Outlook. Tikit FileNote is able to offer an instant summary of a matter’s status to anyone who has security access including: file notes, key dates, matter activity and a graphical view of workspace security.

Mark Garnish, Head of Development at Tikit said “We believe that FileNote is an important addition to the functionality offered by Autonomy iManage. I am particularly pleased because it has been designed following ideas and contributions from clients.  I am also excited about the opportunities for further expansion of FileNote including financial, billing and contacts information. All of the FileNote connectors have been written as Web Parts so they can be used in firm’s intranets and SharePoint portals as well”.

Four firms – delivering a total of over 4000 users between them – have already signed up to implement FileNote. The first firm to go public is Taylor Wessing, IT director Tim Hyman commented “iManage provides a robust and functional electronic repository for our matter filing. Whilst the filing and search tools work well, our lawyers identified a number of functions that haven’t quite made the transition from the paper file to the e-file. With Tikit FileNote we are able to plug some of those gaps utilising the white space currently associated with a matter workspace.  Tikit has effectively bought the old file cover sheet back to life, creating an obvious home for previously hidden key matter information.”