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Tikit enter found-time market at ALA

This week’s ALA Annual Conference in Hawaii sees the launch of the latest addition to the Tikit Carpe Diem suite – TimeFinder. Carpe Diem TimeFinder enables firms to improve the accuracy and quality of their time inventory as well as reducing the time taken to capture relevant time entries. Providing the timekeeper with access to an electronic journal of activities that can easily be converted into time entries, TimeFinder targets the ‘end of day review and capture’ attorney work habit.

The product has been designed to only capture those activities that are most likely to be recoverable and then to present them in the attorneys familiar Carpe Diem system. This allows a good level of subjectivity to be applied as all the entries, whether captured through desktop, mobile, or TimeFinder itself can be viewed in one easy to understand screen.

In addition, TimeFinder has been designed with ease of implementation in mind and can be integrated seamlessly into the existing Carpe Diem suite or third party financial/practice management systems. Furthermore, as a server based system with a web client, TimeFinder can be quickly rolled out across the firm.

Other benefits to the firm include multiple activity views, intelligent customized filtering to provide the timekeeper with quick access to relevant entries, and modern HTML5 cross browser functionality so that the system can be accessed from any browser or platform including iPads and iPhones.

“We are delighted to be able to formally launch TimeFinder,” commented Peter Zver, President of Tikit Inc. Canada. “Since acquiring the Carpe Diem suite of products in 2010, Tikit have continually strived to enhance functionality and ensure that clients gain continued business benefit from the products. The announcement of TimeFinder represents the next stage of extending the range of functionality of the Carpe Diem product suite.”

COMMENT: Carpe Diem TimeFinder addresses the increasingly hot area of found time capture. In otherwords, using IT to track down all those gaps in a fee earner’s timesheet and marry them up with the activities they were engaged with at the time. As in “you didn’t bill anything on Thursday afternoon yet you exchanged 6 emails with Client X – maybe that was chargeable time?”

It may seem like stating the obvious but the fact remains that depite desktop time recording of one form or another being used in law firms for the best part of 20 years, research regularly reveals that most fee earners do not record time contemporaneously but instead try to recall what they were doing when they complete their time sheets (or the digital equivalent) on a daily, weekly, fornightly or – in the case of some lawyers – monthly basis.

Tikit’s move will ruffle a few feathers as there are a number of found time systems already out there that integrate with time recording systems like Carpe Diem. Presumably the demand for these systems will dry up when you can get everything you need – time recording and found time – within one package such as Carpe Diem TimeFinder.

Final thought… how come we never get invited to tech shows in places like Hawaii ?