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Tikit interim results: a company at the tipping point ?

The AIM-listed Tikit Group plc has just published its interim results for the six months to 30th June. We've attached a PDF of the full results for readers to chew over and we publish the highlights and our comments below…




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Net cash at period end




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In his chairman's statement, Mike McGoun says “I am pleased to report that the Group’s performance during the six months to 30 June 2010 has been in line with expectations, ahead of the prior year and has remained cash generative. During the tough economic environment of the past two years, we have taken the opportunity to analyse our business strengths and to cut back or eliminate non-strategic business operations. We have invested our resources to achieve better service levels and efficiencies in our core operations and also continued our investment in the development of software and outsourcing services that will drive the future profitability of the Group. Tikit has emerged from this period in a stronger position.
“Revenues increased slightly, and as anticipated, the saving and efficiency measures we implemented over the course of last year helped to increase overall profitability. During the period we have added significantly to our client base, continued to focus on winning and retaining recurring, managed service and support revenues and this, combined with higher margin business derived from Tikit-owned software sales, will drive the Group’s future growth. 

“Total software sales increased by 7% to £3.04 million (H1 2009: £2.85 million) and, importantly within this, sales of our own software increased by 26% over the corresponding period in 2009.  Total software sales account for 23% of our total revenues.   

“Consultancy revenues for the first half of this year were £2.46 million (H1 2009: £2.93 million), a reduction of 16% on the corresponding period, but broadly in line with the run rate achieved in the second half of 2009. The reduction was due in part to the cutbacks made in non-core consulting activities.
“An important new element of our growth strategy is the development of the Tikit Legal Office (“TLO”) which we are planning to launch in the last quarter of 2010. This is an outsourced package solution aimed at providing small and medium sized law firms with a complete solution for their practice, including accounting, document management, CRM and time recording. By using TLO, law firms will benefit not only from a reduced capital cost, but also enhanced mobility and reliability.  Tikit owns most of the core software that makes up the TLO which will be a subscription based hosted solution. TLO is an important development for Tikit as we predict many law firms, under pressure to increase efficiencies and profit margins, will look to outsource much of their IT function.  Tikit is uniquely placed to benefit from this development given its place at the heart of the professional services IT industry.”

Comment: We'll gloss over the two elephants in the room, namely the longer-term prospects for the special relationships with Autonomy over the iManage DMS business and LexisNexis Interaction CRM business. We've heard from people in both groups that Tikit is no longer the chosen one (as it  was in the pre-acquisition days of Interface Software and Interwoven) but just one of a growing number of vertical market partners. Instead, let's look at the bigger picture.

One of Tikit's problems has always been defining what it actually does for a living. In the early days it was a wheeling-dealing outfit in white-socks that did a bit of this and did a bit of that. Then it moved into software reselling & implementation partnerships in a big way – and for a time was the main channel for many innovative new US products coming into the UK (Carpe Diem and Interaction being two of the best known examples). Then it was going to be big in knowledge management and consultancy and give the likes of Baker Robbins and Deloittes a run for their money.

And now, with its consultancy business stalled, it appears to be morphing into a software and managed services business – with its TFB and NIS operating arms bringing home more and more of the bacon. And, also significantly moving away from its traditional top 100 market into the mid and smaller firms sector. A move that looks likely to accelerate if the Tikit Legal Office/TLO launch goes as well as hoped. Interesting times.

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Going to need a lot of gloss – Whitewash might be cheaper…….

That would make it a couple of white elephants in the room then? – CC

“A white elephant is an idiom for a valuable possession of which its owner cannot dispose and whose cost (particularly cost of upkeep) is out of proportion to its usefulness or worth.” – Sums it up.

The point is chaps that both our revenue and profit are up – the Essex Cowboys may not need to publish their figures but can they say the same?

Elephants in white socks….
“White Elephants ???”
Come on chaps read the article, it talks about two elephants in the room and then white socks are mentioned in a separate paragraph. The White Elephant is a Red Herring…
I feel this debate should focus more on the size of the room that would hold two elephants and the need for this to be a ground floor room with a easy clean floor.
Sadly soon we will have to return to real news as the summer holidays fade, so can I encourage you to whistle to the tune of Nelly the Elephant or at fine march from the Jungle Book and head to the pub for a Friday beer

Words of Wisdom oh Hornsby Won Kenobi – time to go to the pub – CC

So if I used IDOL's award winning concept search to search for the term 'white elephant' would it include 'red herring' in the results or 'expensive DMS that doesn't work very well and soon to be replaced by SharePoint'?

Soon to be replaced by SharePoint – just like in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 then – PK

You won't get an elephant in the room over at Tikit – everyone knows that elephants are scared of mice (and similarly sized salesmen).

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