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Tikit publishes details of its eMarketing Suite roadmap

Tikit’s product roadmap for its eMarketing Suite v4.8 outlines the range of functionality that will be available early 2011 to complement LexisNexis’s InterAction CRM system.  

TheTikit eMarketing User Group meetings held in the USA and the UK encouraged clients to participate in interactive sessions providing a forum for them to make suggestions about the direction in which they would like to take the future development of the eMarketing Suite.   The result is an exciting product roadmap that offers ongoing innovation to provide clients with a comprehensive solution to their e-marketing requirements. This collaborative approach will form the basis of all future developments and roadmaps.

“We are very excited today to announce a product roadmap that demonstrates the breadth, depth and future direction of the Tikit eMarketing Suite” said head of development Mark Garnish.  “Our focus throughout the process was on placing the needs of our clients first by providing a solution based on what is important to them. It has been a collaborative effort, and this heralds the development process for future releases. I am particularly excited by the benchmarking changes that will allow eMarketing users to compare their performance, anonymously, with their peers.  With over 200 clients of the software worldwide, including some of the largest firms in the UK and North America, this will become a valuable tool to improve and measure the success of marketing campaigns”.

As well as the inclusion of benchmarking, clients can also look forward to enhanced reporting and improved bounce back management. Details of these and other enhancements that will be delivered in version 4.8 will be available to all clients via the Tikit Client Portal.

Comment: the benchmarking app will allow users to measure the success of their campaigns relative to other firms within the market. For example, if you are consistently getting a 3% response to an email marketing campaign compared with an industry average of (say) 9%. then this would be a pretty strong hint that you needed to rethink the design of your emarketing.