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Tikit sign up to sell Chrome River

The Tikit Group has entered into a partnership agreement with Chrome River, which will see it market Chrome River’s new online expense reporting and management service throughout the UK and Europe, with exclusivity for the UK legal market. Chrome River has experienced rapid growth since launching its new SaaS-based expense reporting solution in the middle of 2008. Subscribers include over 20 law firms around the globe including firms from 17 lawyers in size to six of the Global Top 50. Tikit will market, implement and provide support services for the Chrome River solution.

Tikit CEO David Lumsden said “Chrome River Expense is a compelling solution that fills a distinct need in the legal sector. I believe it will be greeted with great enthusiasm by law firms. In the current economic environment, law firms are actively looking at ways to cut costs, enforce compliance with policies, and streamline labour intensive business processes. Chrome River Expense can be implemented without the need for any capital expenditure on hardware or software, and it can be rolled out swiftly, helping firms to better control the personnel expense claim and reimbursement process.”

Chrome River’s expense reporting solution is designed using the latest rich internet application technologies and is delivered through the SaaS (software as a service) model, providing law firms with the ability to get a rapid return on product investment. For more details about the Chrome River product, read the December 2008 (issue no.215) edition of the Legal Technology Insider newsletter – it's in the archive section so can be downloaded free of charge.

• Tikit is also holding a product launch in London next week (Thursday 19 March). Click on the attachment for details.

2 replies on “Tikit sign up to sell Chrome River”

I do trust that this 'Partnership' sticks …
The last one that Tikit signed up for (in the expenses world, some years ago) failed big time; leaving some clients out of pocket in a big way.
Tikit have had a record in recent years of annoying partners and clients both, due to partner/client relationships that have all been about making Tikit money and not delivering because Tikit staff don't have the knowledge/time to deliver ROI.
The Tikit brand used to be great with 3rd party products for good delivery (about 4 years ago) … but I think the market knows that has not been the case in the last few years.
However, Dave Lumsden has given his name to this (who carries greater trust than some others I could mention) so I'll wait and see.
I think Chrome River may have more to lose, despite a very good product.

I also note that old Tikit favourite “exclusive”. So if we want to buy we have no choice other than Tikit. This insistence by Tikit on exclusivity has put me off buying from them time and time again. Come on guys, if you are that sure of your quality let's have a bit of choice in the market. I for one will give CR a miss simply for that reason.

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