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Tikit to hold another Word day

Tikit are holding another of their Word days (yes, we thought it was an annual event as well but this is the second this year) on Tuesday 1st December at Travers Smith's offices at Snow Hill in London EC4. The event kicks off at 9:00am and will run through till about 4:00pm. The event includes sessions by Pannone talking about their Sharepoint implementation and Jamie Bulmer of Microsoft talking about Office 2010.

The highlight will be Tom O'Sullivan & Barry Solomon of Microsystems with their new Legal Templates Plus system in a shoot-out with Derek Sturdy & Nathan Lusher showing the Tikit Template System. There'll be digital blood on the walls.

5 replies on “Tikit to hold another Word day”

How does Microsystems introducing Legal Templates Plus at a Tikit event sit next to Tikit's own Template Manager product? Should we read something into this?

So Tikit and Microsoystems in the same room showing competing products when they don't get along!!! Hmmm – that should be interesting…..

No person of sane mind invites the competition in to show-case their product in front of your audience – so I suspect you're right! Either that or the topic of the day is “Mine's better than yours”…

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