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Tikit to spend £1million on next generation Carpe Diem

Tikit Carpe Diem, the legal world’s most popular desktop timekeeping application, is about to get a £1 million/$1.5m rewrite.

Tikit Carpe Diem, the legal world’s most popular desktop timekeeping application, is about to get a £1 million/$1.5m rewrite*. Existing users will receive enhancements to Carpe Diem as part of their support and maintenance contracts and the popular “Classic” look and feel will remain available, meaning law firms won’t need to retrain end users or undertake a major  IT implementation to take advantage of next generation features.

Tikit say this latest announcement about product development investment is the most significant yet. Carpe Diem Classic has been the system of choice for law firms for more than 20 years however over the years both technology and the business of law has changed. This has created challenges in extending the current platform into the future.

Tikit has therefore committed to a major rewrite of Carpe Diem in 2014 that will take advantage of the latest technology platforms and retain all of the features of the product that attorneys are used to. Tikit say the next generation will add full support for multiple languages, integrated security and improved reporting as well as providing a choice of interfaces. Importantly, this allows attorneys the option to select the proven Classic interface with which they have such affinity – meaning no new end-user training will be required for deployment. This project will safeguard Carpe Diem’s position as the most usable time recording suite on the market.

This redevelopment also opens the door to incorporating additional functionality (currently available in Carpe Diem Enterprise) into the product, to ensure that Carpe Diem will remain the leading timekeeping brand for attorneys into the future.

“I am extremely pleased to see BT’s commitment to the Carpe Diem brand. Very few companies in the legal industry commit to ‘such extensive development efforts’in next generation versions of their product, especially as part of an upgrade model, so this is a winning decision for our clients and for the industry as a whole,” commented Peter Zver, President of Tikit North America.
COMMENT: Insider sources say the investment represents new money, as distinct from financial hype, and the ultimate objective is to ensure Carpe Diem remains the leading timekeeping application for lawyers for at least the next 20 years.

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So not so much ‘Seize the day’ as ‘Wait quite a bit’ for them to catch up with the rest of the market?

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