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TikitTFB to offer Workshare on SaaS platform

TikitTFB, in partnership with Workshare, has announced Document Compare Live – a new Software as a Service(SaaS)  for document comparison based on Workshare Compare Server technology. The service will be initially available to Partner for Windows users’ towards the end of July 2010. Document Compare Live is designed to deliver a more cost-effective and accessible document comparison service, allowing firms of any size to benefit from Workshare’s powerful comparison capabilities.
Currently, client firms can only take advantage of Workshare’s Document Comparison by implementing server-based or per user solutions. Document Compare Live will enable all 600 of TikitTFB’s clients in the UK, to quickly and easily compare Microsoft Word or PDF documents anytime and anywhere. TikitTFB will be leading the development of the project. The initial release will provide a comparison interface linked from their existing Client Portal to a hosted version of Workshare Compare Server, based at their secure data centre in Fareham. Using their existing usernames and passwords, users will be able to fully utilise the service online without having to install any software on their servers or user desktops. Each client firm will have an account automatically set up with enough credits to run five free comparisons so they can evaluate the service. Subsequent usage will be charged on a per comparison basis and will be invoiced monthly in arrears. The subsequent release will see the service integrated within Partner for Windows, allowing clients to launch Document Compare Live directly from the caseflow they are working on, run the comparison and file the results back into the caseflow.
Adrian Jones, Product and Development Director at TikitTFB comments “This project marks an exciting period for TikitTFB; we are making technology, that has to date been unattainable to some users, attainable, by eliminating barriers such as cost or insufficient resources to host software, via the SaaS platform. Our entire client base will be able to take advantage of this service without the need to deploy any software or upfront cost. We believe this service has great potential and could shape the way in which we, as a solution provider, deliver our solutions and services in the future.”
Frank Boening, VP EMEA at Workshare believes Compare is a perfect service for the cloud. “Many lawyers need comparison but not all of them all the time. Document Compare Live, with its pay as you go model, puts the control and decision making back to the lawyers. It frees up IT from managing a desktop application but still ensures the same comparison technology used by a magic circle firm is available for a one off comparison at a very reasonable cost.”

Comment: sounds a good idea. There are a lot of firms out there who occasionally need Workshare-type functionality but cannot justify the cost of implementing the system in house just for those odd times. It's this kind of scenario that SaaS was designed for.