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Timeframe becomes Swerdlove + other APAC news

Timeframe Swerdlove Adopt a New International Brand Position
Sydney… Timeframe Swerdlove formally announced the launch of a new international brand identity Swerdlove.

“The Swerdlove brand is a platform that will allow us to better communicate with clients, expand the range of products and services and increase the focus on client service delivery”, said managing director Derek Giles. “Due to increased demand over the past 12 months we have grown exponentially. Swerdlove will allow us to differentiate ourselves in the market to deliver new skills, a fresh approach to business consulting and an innovative delivery of professional services and products to our clients. The company has moved beyond providing only technical solutions to expand its advisory practice in strategic firm planning, improving operational efficiency, project and change management. The new brand will allow the company to capitalise on its unique international competencies and prominent market position. Swerdlove encompasses a strong presence in North American, Asia Pacific and some parts of Western Europe.

“While the economic conditions remain uncertain, we have seen an unprecedented need for services aimed
at maximising law firm efficiency and productivity through new innovative processes, cost reduction and
revenue maximisation”.

Epiq Systems opens in Hong Kong
Epiq Systems has expanded its e-discovery service offerings to include data collections, forensics and document review. Additionally, Epiq has opened a new international office in Hong Kong to offer a local datacenter and provide on the ground support across Asia.