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Toller Beattie now offering 24/7 service with SOS

Barnstaple-based Toller Beattie LLP has fully implemented SOS Connect from Solicitors Own Software and today launched a 24/7 service to offer clients online access to track their case notes. The new system is reckoned to have contributed towards the firm's moves towards a paperless office and a streamlining of operations that helped Toller Beattie pick up the Federation of Small Businesses’ awards for best use of IT and overall Devon county winner last month.

SOS Connect replaced the firm’s mainly manual case management last year and was chosen to give Toller Beattie a level of control and flexibility to customise workflows and case management as well as provide scope for expansion. Following a successful phase one trial for residential conveyancing and commercial, the system now additionally handles PI, litigation, family, employment, planning and criminal case loads.

5 replies on “Toller Beattie now offering 24/7 service with SOS”

So a firm is offering their clients 24×7 access. Why is this news? Many firms have offered this for years.

It's news because the majority of firms in this country do not offer 24/7 – its 9-til-5 (if you are unlucky they also close for lunch) 5 days a week – CC

And not forgetting the shut-down between Christmas and New Year – or is that just Norfolk firms? CC

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