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Tom Jones leaves Aderant to form business intelligence consultancy

Tom Jones has left his position at Aderant to launch Iridium Technology, a consulting firm focused specifically on business intelligence (BI) for law firms. Jones has worked with Aderant Expert’s BI applications for over 13 years, including Expert Analytics Foundation and Expert Profitability. His roles have included Developer/Architect, Development Manager, Product Manager, and Director of Product Marketing.

“Firms are eager to find a consultant specifically focused on how to get the most out of Aderant’s business intelligence applications,” said Jones. “Having worked for Aderant as the Product Champion for their Business Intelligence products for 13 years, I saw this as a great opportunity to get back into consulting.  I have the combination of product knowledge and technical skills to assure that firms can successfully implement Aderant’s BI products.  Additionally, I am probably the only consultant in the world who is both experienced with Aderant’s BI products and certified as a Microsoft Certified IT Professional – Business Intelligence Developer“.

Iridium has already signed up three UK law firms as members of the Expert Analytics Initiative – a coalition of firms that is using Iridium as a shared resource to simultaneously move all of their Aderant Expert business intelligence implementations forward. “This is a very exciting initiative,” says Jones. “The member firms are able to share the costs for customizations, training, new reports and new web parts. Plus they have access to a consultant that is living and breathing business intelligence applications 50+ hours per week. I am discussions with additional firms in all regions and hope to have six or more firms participating going forward”.

• Prior to joining Aderant, Jones co-founded Icon Technology, a
consulting and BI software firm based in San Francisco.  Icon developed
the original versions of the Aderant business intelligence applications
and successfully marketed them for several years before being purchased
by Barrister Information Systems in 1998. Barrister was acquired by
Keystone, who were acquired by Solution 6 and subsequently merged into

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