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Top story from today’s Insider – what Liam Flanagan did next

The latest issue of the Legal Technology Insider newsletter is out now and here’s our top story…

Following his amicable departure from Tikit at the end of last month “to pursue new ventures and opportunities,” (see Orange Rag blog for 30th March) Tikit co-founder and innovations director Liam Flanagan has been explaining some of his plans. Flanagan’s new vehicle – Enable Group plc – brings together Alan Glass and Paul O’Connor, two other members of the original management team who helped create Tikit back in 1994, along with Liverpool-based entrepreneur Martyn Best and Jayne Smith, who are probably best known in the UK legal market for their Document Direct 24/7 document support, document production and digital dictation transcription business.

Despite the presence of former directors Glass and O’Connor, Flanagan is keen to stress he has no intention of trying to build a Tikit Mark 2 – in fact he hopes to work closely with Tikit in the coming years with his new ventures. Instead, Flanagan says Enable is the first of a new generation of business solutions provider and consultancy designed to help law firms adapt to the challenges of the Legal Services Act (LSA) and Alternative Business Structures (ABS).

“In the new legal landscape,” says Flanagan, “there’s plenty of talk about new entrants coming in with a green-field approach however we believe existing law firms will continue to have the key role to play in the provision of legal services, providing they are capable of reinventing themselves to adapt to the changed environment.

“We see the new company’s role as being an enabler, to assist firms in making the transition from a traditional legal practice to one that embraces new ways working – and new ways of thinking. With our team we aim to deliver not just outsourcing services to support new-style legal practices but also to advise firms with legacy infrastructures on the strategies they need to adopt and the practical steps they need take.”

Flanagan will release more information about his plans over the next few weeks. Enable is also planning an event for later this summer. Liam Flanagan can be contacted at