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Top tips for generating media exposure for IT honchos

Slowly starting to recover from the madness that was ILTA, full reports to follow on this blog and in the next newsletters – topics include: Six Scenarios for the future of the iManage DMS within HP and Are the Days of Superstar law firm IT Directors numbered?

In the meantime here is a PowerPoint slide-deck produced by that follows on from a couple of media panels I was involved with – the tips were produced as Twitter tweets, hence their brevity. The only additional point I would make is that 'thought leadership' involves (a) thinking and (b) leadership – not unimaginative me-too-ism that simply repeats orthodoxy like a religious mantra.

3 replies on “Top tips for generating media exposure for IT honchos”

Excellent Presentation/Tips Charles – thanks for sharing.

Thanks for posting our collective tips – they were definitely a hit at our ILTA ‘Generating Media Exposure for IT Leadership’ session. Who says ‘competing’ editors can’t/won’t collaborate … Also thanks for serving on our media panel!
In terms of thought leadership, orgs like ILTA deserve a hat tip, not only for having a thought leadership category as part of their annual award program, but actually recognizing vendor (shock!) thought leadership … no that is not an oxymoron.

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