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TotalPatent now available in APAC region

LexisNexis has introduced its intellectual property (IP) protection solution LexisNexis TotalPatent in the Pacific region to help local manufacturers and companies protect their valuable IP assets, especially those that wish to do business internationally. TotalPatent is an award-winning intellectual property research, retrieval and analysis solution, comprising the world’s largest collection of searchable full-text and bibliographic patent information. By placing more than 75 million patent documents at the fingertips of IP lawyers and professionals, TotalPatent helps organisations protect, develop and maintain patent assets to minimise legal risk and increase work productivity.

“IP can represent a significant investment and a critical component of a company’s success, particularly in high-tech companies and manufacturing. Protecting IP is therefore a strategic necessity. TotalPatent from LexisNexis can help companies in the Pacific, especially those doing business internationally, both by providing information to help them protect valuable IP assets as well as optimising the potential to increase revenue opportunities” said Marc K. Peter, director of technology at LexisNexis Pacific.

Introduced in the US and UK in 2007, and now available in the Pacific, TotalPatent is a single online resource featuring the most complete and up-to-date domestic and international IP content available, including a timely collection of patent, scientific and other prior art information. Users can search images, citations, legal status (unique) and patent family collections.