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Travers Smith ECM Workshop case study

Travers Smith is one of the UK’s leading corporate, financial and commercial law firms with over 250 lawyers and a wealth of experience in areas of their specialisation. Over the last 150 years they have quietly built a reputation for excellence based on an uncompromising focus and iron grip on quality control and pride themselves on their ability to present clients with consistent teams of uniformly excellent lawyers.

Providing such a service requires excellent IT support, and it was Blue Car Technologies that Travers Smith turned to for advice on how to ensure their OpenText eDocs Document Management system would continue to operate efficiently within the organisation.

The Challenge

As part of their focus on excellence, the Travers Smith IT team wanted to ensure that they implemented OpenText’s best practice for maintaining their eDOCS Document Management system activity log more effectively, thereby providing the best experience for their end-users.  Adhering to the best practice would ensure their eDOCS environment performed at the optimum level, gave end users the best experience and reduced the administrators support overhead.

However, manually maintaining the activity log would be a time-consuming process and could not guarantee perfect results, nor provide an efficient way of maintaining performance required by their users. On the recommendation of an independent eDocs specialist consultant, Travers Smith asked Blue Car Technologies to help them.

The Solution

Blue Car Technologies have over 15 years of experience within the legal sector, providing specialised products and tailored software solutions.  As OpenText Technology partners, one of their product suites was a perfect fit for Travers Smith.

The ECM History component of Blue Car Technologies’ ECM Workshop suite was able to improve the performance of Travers Smith’s eDOCS clients by completely managing the eDOCS activity log.  It allows information to be archived at pre-defined times, but still retains accessibility for historical and compliance purposes.

Acting as a plug-in for the eDOCS DM Extensions Windows Client, ECM History allows administrators to retrieve archived activity log rows quickly and efficiently when requested by users.  Ann Cant, Head of IT at Travers Smith said BCT’s ECM History greatly reduced the size of our live ACTIVITYLOG tables whilst retaining all eDOCS DM history in the system. This allows us to comply with Open Text best practices for eDOCS DM table sizing and client performance without affecting the audit trail and thus maintaining compliance.”

Implementation of ECM History was quick and painless, requiring a minimal amount of consultancy and training but delivering benefits to the Travers Smith business almost immediately.

The Benefits

The ECM Workshop is a cost-effective suite of software tools that increase the library administrator’s ability to manage, control and structure their content management in a proactive way.  For Travers Smith, implementing ECM History plug-in delivered the following immediate benefits:

  • Archiving of eDOCS activity log rows so only 3 months’ worth are kept on-line.
  • Adherence to OpenText best practice for maintaining the health of their eDOCS DMS
  • Help maintain optimum performance for their eDOCS DM Extensions Clients.
  • An integrated search tool allowing administrators to locate current and archived activity log information through a single screen.

A full list of features for the ECM Workshop suite can be downloaded here: