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Triple win for Tikit P4W

Two law firms and one of the UK’s largest house builders have adopted Tikit’s practice and case management solution P4W.

Two law firms and one of the UK’s largest house builders have adopted Tikit’s practice and case management solution P4W.

Persimmon Homes is one of the UK’s leading house builders, building around 16,000 new homes a year in over 350 locations across England, Scotland and Wales. Adrian Hicks, group solicitor at the firm, says “Tikit P4W was a stand-out choice for us because of its broad range of features and functionalities. We look forward to using the system to help us with the high quality of work we provide.”

Legal 500 firm, Thompson Smith and Puxon, is one of the leading law firms in Essex, committed to achieving the highest professional standards. “We needed a system and supplier we could trust that offered flexibility and scalability in the long term” says Sean Stuttaford, chief operating officer from the firm. “We felt that Tikit and P4W checked all the right boxes.”

And following “extensive research”, East Midlands firm Flint Bishop have selected a 160-user P4W PMS/CMS solution from Tikit. P4W will bring significant efficiency improvements as a result of migrating several disparate systems into one seamless application. CEO, Qamer Ghafoor, commented, “We wanted to invest in a system from a supplier with a strong pedigree in supporting larger firms and working closely with them to assist growth. Tikit has an impressive client base and it was clear to us that those clients really value the input which Tikit and P4W brings to their business.”

Richard Higgs, sales director at Tikit said of the new wins: “Once again, their choice of P4W confirms that the solution is increasingly being adopted by larger firms who see the benefits of working with a single solution from a supplier with the pedigree and the resource to support their ambitions.”

Tikit has obviously found some magic in the number three: its last announcement in January welcomed Bennett Griffin, Griffith Smith and Mundays.

2 replies on “Triple win for Tikit P4W”

Not a fan of P4W I must say. Would be interesting to understand the real reasons for shifting to a CMS which isn’t of the highest calibre.

The rag should conduct a league table of the big players in this market as it’s something which never seems to be mentioned. As someone responsible for producing a tender very recently we found consultancies and public information tended to serve a purpose. I.e consultants have their favourites and steer clients down that path at a significant cost!

Would be helpful having an open forum where we can hear the vendors put forward their USP and which firms should be going to them and why.

We do have the Insider Top 200 Chart + an archive going back to 2003 – showing the purchasing decisions of larger firms across a raft of product types. As for P4W – one of the reason why it and other products from the likes of Linetime, Eclipse, SOS etc have their fans is the “bigger” systems are overkill in terms of functionality – and price.

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