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TrustPoint adds OrcaTec to its litigation arsenal

Full-spectrum ediscovery consulting company TrustPoint International announced that it has partnered with OrcaTec to provide its global clients with access to the predictive coding tool that was approved by the judge in the recent Global Aerospace case in Virginia.

“TrustPoint’s differentiation from other eDiscovery companies is our end-to-end consultative approach combined with a focus on our transparent, efficient, highly defensible process,” said Mark Hawn, CEO of TrustPoint. “We like to be ahead of the curve, so we had created an internal initiative to determine which product best fit into our process and satisfied our clients’ needs before our clients had even begun to ask about predictive coding. We tested a number of different products before deciding on the OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite. We had made our choice before Judge Chamblin released his decision, but it is reassuring to know that a court is opting for the same technology.”

What made OrcaPredict stand out for Hawn from other predictive coding offerings was twofold: The first being its pricing model. “Our clients like cost certainty,” said Hawn. “OrcaTec is one of the few technology companies that can offer them that predictability. So working together will make it simple to continue with the fixed fee arrangements our clients require.”

The other thing Hawn liked about the software was that it was unique in not requiring a seed set of documents before starting the predictive coding. “OrcaPredict randomly, but transparently, chooses documents for the attorney to mark as responsive or not,” Hawn said. “So you don’t have to do a lot of preparation before you start coding. People spend a lot of time doing keyword searches before the predictive coding begins, but they sometimes pick the wrong words. Because you dive right in with OrcaTec, the first-pass review goes much faster and the accuracy is simply much greater. But OrcaTec has all the transparency and defensibility our clients want as well. That combination is a home run for us.”