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T'was the last post before Christmas…

OK people, this is probably the last post before the Christmas/New Year break (as we call it in the UK – for our North American readers Happy Holidays and for our German readers, enjoy the 'Silent Season') so seasons greetings to everyone. If there are any breaking news stories between now and 2009, you can be certain we will see them reported here first.

In the meantime, here is a quick catch-up of random news & developments – both serious, less serious and downright frivolous…

• Oracle (yes, this is the first time in several years that we've heard them taking a direct interest in the legal vertical market) have published a new white paper on electronic data discovery – a copy of the white paper is attached. We also hope to have news in the New Year about SAP's activities.

• We're hearing suggestions about a new legal tech networking event that could replace some of the present conferences and events – more news on that in 2009.

• We're planning a further extension of our news coverage in 2009 – so you shouldn't need to go anywhere else for legal IT news than the Insider/Orange Rag stable of publications.

• If someone buys you an Amazon Kindle for Christmas (OK, this is for American readers as the Kindle is unlikely to become widely available in the UK until the spring) and you are wondering what to do with it – well worry no more as you can subscribe to and read the Orange Rag blog on a Kindle.

• Finally, we've been asked by some horizontally challenged legal ITers if we could encourage them in their slimming activities. More than happy to do so – let's call it the Orange Rag dIeT – and we'll devise some prizes (not boxes of chocolates) for those of you who make the biggest impact on your BMIs over a six month period. We think dieting is an excellent idea – not only does some moderate weight loss do you good – but you also then need to buy replacement clothes in a smaller size, which is going to benefit the wider economy. (Well perhaps it doesn't benefit the restaurants you no longer visit but two out of three ain't bad.)

Happy Holidays, Christmas, Silent Season or whatever festivities you celebrate at this time of the year – and that includes you pagans who celebrated the Yule winter solistice yesterday.