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Two killer apps from the Insider

Just launched by Legal Technology Insider: our two neat new apps! The Orange Rag app for the iPhone and iPad and the Legal Technology Insider WORLDWIDE app your iPad.

• The Orange Rag app brings Legal Technology Insider’s breaking news blog direct to your iOS device, without having to use a web browser or RSS feed. Anyone who uses, buys, sells, develops or manages legal IT knows about and follows the blog’s sharp, to the point, and sometimes irreverent, posts and comments. This app brings all of those Orange Rag postings: news, comments, articles, legal IT jobs, events, case studies, whitepapers, News Wire stories, cartoons and infographics straight to your iPhone and iPad as they happen, for just £1.99!

Also included is the latest version – in a brand new, easy to use format – of the Insider Top 200 of legal IT systems in use at the top 200 UK law firms. You can also comment on posts, send emails, tweet, post to Facebook and save articles from this app. And all for £1.99. Click here


• Legal Technology Insider WORLDWIDE app, custom designed for the iPad, is three legal IT resources in one.

Each monthly issue of Legal Technology Insider WORLDWIDE contains all that month’s newsletters plus the Editor’s Pick of Orange Rag hot topics plus access to the latest Top 200 chart of the UK’s top 200 firms and the systems they use.

Published at the end of each month, WORLDWIDE combines all that month’s newsletters as an omnibus edition of Legal Technology Insider, (UK & EMEA), the American Legal Technology Insider (US and Canada), and the new Asia Pacific Legal Technology Insider (Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, India, Japan and the rest of the APAC area).*

Legal Technology Insider WORLDWIDE delivers succinct and relevant news and comment on the technology that relates to legal IT and then, crucially, its application in law office management – and it is now available on your iPad altogether in one neat app.

FREE sample issues of March & April’s WORLDWIDE are available for a limited period. The 12 month subscription is £49.99/$74.99/€59.99 – single issues are also available individually at £4.99/$6.99/€5.49

To purchase Legal Technology Insider WORLDWIDE – or to see the FREE sample issue click here: Once downloaded, the Legal Technology Insider WORLDWIDE app is displayed on the Apple NEWSSTAND.

* Please note not all our newsletters are published every month – there is no APAC issue for June and the UK & EMEA Legal Technology Insider is not published in August.

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Testing the comment feature from the new App.

All comments are moderated – and that is dependent on me getting my lazy ass around to doing it …CC

There is no way to tell from the app that there are comments on the article, you have to press the comments button to see if there is anything. And unless I declare myself ( It’s Andrew Haslam by the way) this must be totally anonymous, though moderated.

I am loving the new apps…I even paid for them which is amusing considering Innovators in Law look after all the advertising and sponsorship/work for Charles. Well done Jane and Charles on two really good apps! Jeremy Hill

Handing it round the office, it’s the top 200 lists that are getting the interest, although I’m sure the articles will gain the long usage.

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