Taylor Wessing has deployed Kutana’s Kappris print management as part of the firm’s Windows 7 and Office 2010 project. With Kappris’ reputation for Microsoft Office printing, the decision to migrate from an Outlook thread printing solution and use Kappris with Tikit’s TMS instead of the Tikit print console was simple.

The firm was keen to have a new future proof print management system that did not require the laborious task of hard-coding with every new version of Office or the replacement of printers. “In the past, any modifications to our macros required a vast amount of hard coding in order to create default print settings for all of our standard Word documents. Kappris negates the need for this so it will release extra resource within IT,” said Stuart Walters, the firm’s CIO.

A key feature of the software for Taylor Wessing was the way in which it manages printing from Outlook over and above their legacy thread printing solution. Kappris enables Taylor Wessing users to select specific emails from long threads and makes it possible to choose which attachments, if any need printing. Consequently, this reduces both print costs and environmental impact whilst improving efficiency.

“During the pilot group stages of the project we surveyed some of the staff within the group about their user experience using Kappris over the legacy thread printing system and most of the users came back saying that the experience that Kappris offered them was a lot more comprehensive than what they had in the past. Kappris just took over all printing commands so the users are forced to print in the way the firm has decided,” added Walters.

Looking forward, Taylor Wessing and Kutana have further integration in the pipeline. The firm is preparing to launch Kutana’s Toner Control in order to reduce the amount of toner used within their office and KiM, Kutana’s iManage integration is also soon to be piloted, making it possible to print in bulk from an HP Autonomy iManage DMS.

COMMENT: This is Kutana’s biggest win to-date.