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UK vendor up for sale ?

We're hearing reports that a large – very large – UK legal IT vendor is up for sale, either as a whole or in constituent parts. We reckon likely buyers include: Thomson Reuters – LexisNexis – Tikit TFB – Aderant plus maybe Pilgrim, SOS, FWBS and Eclipse.

14 replies on “UK vendor up for sale ?”

So on the basis of that list and the clear omission does it mean that Iris are up for sale or have we all forgotten about them these days?

be interesting to see what price they get for some “parts” Willing to bet it will be less then we put to them 3 years ago for one of the “parts”.

The iris staff must love the constant changes and take over talk. What's the opposite of job security?

One of the parts will be worth having for the sheer number of customers and we know who'll get that but the PMSs are all suffering from lack of investment and poor strategic direction. Its bargain basement stuff now.

Tough choice as to what is worth buying. out of date software with large customer base or new under developed software with tiny customer base.

Whenever any vendor has bought another in the past with a view of converting them over to its software all that actually happened was that the client base went out to the market, p1ssed off that the new vendor was dropping support on the old product. Will only work if the purchase is for a specific strategy. Such as buying a vendor in a different market sector.

lets be honest no one would that be that interested in the products some might be good but the money is in support contracts, and other revenue from the clients.

Don't rule out management buyouts for some of it's constituent parts.

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