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Updated: NetDocuments Elevate enters day two – Disney, scholarships, analytics, and rare coins

In day two of its virtual Elevate conference, NetDocuments focused on the APAC region and customer success stories, as well as the highly anticipated keynote from CTO Alvin Tedjamulia. Highlights included its customer awards – guess who won? Plus, announcements around its scholarship fund; its new workspace analytics capability, and oh yes, did we mention Alvin’s speech.

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In day two of its virtual Elevate conference, NetDocuments focused on the APAC region and customer success stories, as well as the highly anticipated keynote from CTO Alvin Tedjamulia. Highlights included its customer awards – guess who won? Plus, announcements around its scholarship fund; its new workspace analytics capability, and oh yes, did we mention Alvin’s speech.

Yesterday Elevate provided a view from Europe and how NetDocuments is at the centre of helping customers as they continue to adapt to COVID-19 and develop entirely new ways of working.

The Day 1 keynote was delivered by CEO Josh Baxter, who welcomed NetDocuments’ new customers, commenting: “I want to welcome some of our newest customers in North America, Asia, and EMEA. Normally we would be welcoming them into the family all together here in Salt Lake City, but here is a virtual welcome to all of you and we hope to have you with us here next year.”

Baxter said: “We are truly thankful for the partnerships we’ve built from you as partners, customers and prospects. One of our core values has been around the transparency and trust we have with each of you and we believe this type of partnership is necessary as we embark on the next phase of a journey.”

While the start of a new decade often bring optimism, Baxter observed that instead, things came to stop in ways that few of us could previously have imagined, commenting: “Yet each of us continues to move forward, finding new purpose and rising to new challenges.” New habits are forming thanks to COVID and Baxter said: “Today we want to talk to you about how NetDocuments’ solutions will promote and help you with these new habits.”

Since last Elevate, developments include the launch of a new German service and Baxter said: “We have more than 6,000 production users.”

The full 2-day conference schedule can be accessed here. Don’t forget to join the Women who Lead panel later today.


NetDocuments’ 2020 Customer Zero award has been awarded to The Walt Disney Company accepted by Teka Pope, Senior Manager of Legal Knowledge Services. Customer Zero reflects the qualities of innovation, consistency, and resiliency, while expanding expectations of what software can be.

Presenting the award, Bobby Tindel, VP of service delivery said: “I don’t have to tell any of you that Disney is unique in many ways, and have continually  furthered our development efforts, which in turn have resulted in new and better workflows for their user community.  As an example, Dynamic Attributes, which Bradlee showed in the Organize roadmap session, allowed Disney to capture targeted data about documents, then trigger workflows across their various business units.

“I also want to emphasize the close partnership that our Customer Success Team has developed with Disney, which has continued to shape and define how we communicate and address on-going customer needs. “Their commitment to EVERYONE’S success makes them our CUSTOMER ZERO for 2020.”


Earlier this year, NetDocuments funded a Work Inspired Scholarship to provide students with financial and mentoring assistance, in order to help them form new habits around better education. The money is raised by the company itself from employee donations, in recognition of the obligation to pay success forward.

The Work Inspired Scholarship assists underprivileged and minority high school seniors in Utah and Georgia, with financial assistance toward the college of their choice.

It started with an executive based goal of multiple $1,500 awards for school seniors.  However, as NetDocuments opened up the donations to the company as a whole, it quickly grew to three $10,000 awards with paid summer internships and mentoring. 

Speaking at Elevate, Bobby Tindel, VP of service, said: “Now, let us turn to a few NetDocuments employees that contributed to the Work Inspired scholarship and the stories behind their donations.

“Brad, Heather, Sam and Marc, thank you, along with all the other NetDocuments employees for contributing to the scholarship.  This will be an annual scholarship, and the winners will be announced in December of this year.”

Find out more about the scholarship here:


NetDocuments today (7 October) launched Workspace Analytics, which offers “at-a-glance” insights into how users interact with content and provides clear visibility into platform use. New functions and benefits include:

  • Understand key people, documents, and activity through Workspace Analytics, which makes it easier to identify top contributors, external contacts involved in the matter or project, and to see what activity has happened and when it occurred in the workspace.
  • Convert data into insights utilizing cabinet and repository-level analytics that provide granular data to help understand how users work within the NetDocuments platform, identifying areas for improvement and targeted user training.
  • Monitor system performance including the ability to better understand platform speed and usage, and gain actionable insights into how NetDocuments is utilized, including document types and overall user engagement.

“Our Analytics technology provides our customers with greater insights and transparency into their NetDocuments platform and its usage,” said Dan Hauck, NetDocuments’ Chief Product Officer. “We have been working closely with customers to develop Analytics and are thrilled by initial feedback and market interest.”


At every Elevate, CTO Alvin Tedjamulia comes up with a theme for his keynote, whether it be ducks or horses or fire or – as the theme for NetDocuments’ 20th anniversary – platinum.

This year, despite being virtual, was no different. The focus was coins, where Tedjamulia drew analogies between famous coins and the NetDocuments platform.

His favourite coin is the Chinese 1999 coin depicting The Great Wall of China. “Why is it one of the seven natural wonders of the world?” Tedjamulia asked. “Well, because it’s extensive, and it also provides security because it protects against the enemies!”

Suddenly we can see where this is going and Tedjamulia adds that the term Great Wall depicts privacy. “This coin is very similar to the NetDocuments platform coin, because we too provide one cloud; we’re extensible; we provide encryption which is security; and we provide a unifying force across all the different applications on top of the platform.”

“Decisions will be based not only on the merits of the application but the strength of its platform,” Tedjamulia said.

The USA One Dollar Coin of 2000 presenting an opportunity for another analogy, drawing on the eagle on one side and Sacagawea, an icon of peace, on the other.

Sacagawea, a Native American woman who came to be synonymous with women’s independence, was sold as a slave multiple times before being won during a gambling event. Despite this, she became one of just three women to feature on a US coin. The first reason, Tedjamulia said, is that during the Lewis & Clark voyage of discovery, she protected them from famine. She also saved the documents and journal when their canoe capsized. Today modern historians are able to learn about that expedition thanks to Sacagawea. Lewis & Clark were also able to learn native American habits and co-exist with others, learning peace. She helped them to cross the Rocky Mountains and procured horses for them. She protected, organised, learned, delivered and planned. “Do you see the similarities between the Sacagawea coin and NetDocuments platform?” Tedjamulia asked?

Decisions on end user solutions will be based not only on the merits of the application but on how well it integrates, Tedjamulia reminded us. Inspiration is when work including emails, and documents, and sets, and analytics, and saved searches and threads – it doesn’t matter what I’m doing, everything is grouped in the same workspace, in the same interface.”

In terms of delivering on its commitments from last year, this is what Tedjamulia says the picture looks like (underlined are due within 18 months but the others have been delivered):