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US gets a cloud computing association

The Legal Cloud Computing Association (LCCA) has just been formed in the US to promote the benefits of cloud computing technology to the legal sector, while simultaneously addressing such issues as professional standards and ethical compliance. The LCCA also announced the publication of its response to the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 Working Group with respect to the Commission’s September 10, 2010 call for comments on Client Confidentiality and the Use of Technology.
The group, consisting of Clio (Themis Solutions Inc), DirectLaw Inc, Rocket Matter LLC and Total Attorneys LLC will cooperate with Bar Associations and other policy-forming bodies to release guidelines, standards, best practices and educational resources relating to the use of cloud computing in the legal profession. An informational website for the group at links to members and their response to the ABA Ethics questions.
“This is a promising development for the profession,” said lawyer and blogger Niki Black (and author of the ABA’s upcoming book on cloud computing). “As technology evolves and continually provides us with better ways to manage our practices and serve our clients, it's important that lawyers have workable – and practical – guidelines to follow on issues like security and ethical concerns. The formation of the LCCA is a step in the right direction. It opens up a dialogue between legal cloud computing providers and ensures that they're on the same page on these issues.”

Comment: This seems a good idea although we suspect that for it to have any clout, the LCCA is going to have bring in some of the larger vendors and players within the legal cloud computing sector. Maybe that will come. In the meantime, maybe the UK's Legal Software Suppliers Association (LSSA) should consider a similar initiative in the UK?