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US legal market – latest facts & figures

Our thanks to JoAnna Forshee's team at Envision – – in the US for drawing our attention to these latest figures on the shape of the US legal market…

•        97% of all US law firms and legal service providers have less
than 25 employees (~10 attorneys). This represents a 2% increase
compared to 2006 statistics. 65% of all US firms have just 2 to 4 employees, 9% higher than last year.

•        There are approximately 1354 law firms in North America with 100 employees or more (~40+ attorneys). Of those, 375 firms have 250 employees or more (~100+ attorneys). Firms with 100 employees or more account for less than 0.5% of the entire US law firm market.

By way of some comparison, in the UK at the moment approximately 200 law firms employ 100+ fee earners.