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US legal tech magazine goes bi-monthly

Here's a link to our US contacts about some changes taking place at ALM's Law Technology News magazine. The link carries the full story plus some subsequently posted comments but basically LTN is moving from a monthly to a bi-monthly (6 times a year) print publication and will be switching some of its technology news coverage to ALM's online services (which include In its place, LTN will be increasing its feature coverage and columns etc to concentrate more on 'thought leadership' type articles.

For the record, our own American Legal Technology Insider zine (PDF file format only) is remaining a month publication and we are looking to increase out coverage of technology news. We are also interested in thought leadership type articles – and we are happy to consider them from vendors. The only reason we don't carry them very often is that most vendor-penned articles display very little thought or leadership and are frequently little more than rehashes of product promotional flyers. Sorry guys, that's advertorial, not editorial.