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US legalit news: C2C puts email archiving in the hybrid cloud

C2C, a provider of email, file and messaging management solutions, today announced that its ArchiveOne Enterprise email archiving and management platform now provides centralized support for private and hybrid cloud storage services. As a result, companies focused on optimized eDiscovery, data preservation, and disposition can benefit from a comprehensive email archiving solution that features dynamic and consistent policy enforcement for data that’s live, residing in Exchange or archived on premise as well as archived data stored in the cloud.

“Archiving is an ideal application to benefit from the advantages of the hybrid cloud, especially if policies can be uniformly enforced across all data sources, including live data, locally retained data and data that has been deployed to the cloud for lower cost management,” said Sheila Childs, managing vice president, Gartner. “When consistent policies and eDiscovery processes can be run across all data sources, then you achieve optimum benefits in flexibility, cost savings and control.”

ArchiveOne Enterprise uniquely centralizes the management and control of all email data, regardless of whether it is retained on premise or in the cloud. This enables IT to continue to manage data at the source to enforce retention and compliance without having to move it all to the cloud to perform policy enforcement. The ArchiveOne Enterprise model minimizes cloud security concerns by giving IT control over the software implementation and access.  Most importantly, ArchiveOne Enterprise enables comprehensive searches across all data sources and provides rapid response to discovery requests on live and archived data.  This eliminates the need to discover across disparate environments, reducing both time and cost.

C2C’s ArchiveOne has been designed for the “real world” where email data may reside on Exchange servers as well as network file servers and end user systems, and, where it is not feasible to archive all email data before enforcing retention or searching messages. This “real world” approach separates ArchiveOne Enterprise from the competition because it aligns with IT organizations and drives efficiency into their daily activities – rather than change them. With its support for hybrid cloud environments, ArchiveOne Enterprise allows users to maintain control of their email archive while leveraging their own cloud accounts, such as Amazon’s S3, as their cloud storage infrastructure without feature restrictions.

“Hybrid cloud environments can deliver impressive advantages for achieving high scalability and reliability at a low cost,” said Dave Hunt, CEO, C2C. “ArchiveOne provides customers with the optimum set-up for on-premise data management that encompasses security, flexibility and ease-of-use all behind the firewall and enables them to benefit from hybrid cloud storage to achieve lower cost of storage. It’s ‘real world’ archiving using ‘new world’ technology in the cloud.”

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