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US lit support vendors in London – and another one bites the dust

We've commented before on the tendency for US litigation support services vendors to launch themselves into the UK with a large fanfare – only to discover they haven't done their homework properly and find that the market for lit support and e-discovery (or e-disclosure as we call it) services over here is not as buoyant as they had imagined. They then spend the next 18 months sitting twiddling their thumbs in a London office, waiting for the phone to ring, before quietly packing their tent and slinking off back home. The latest supplier to discover they ain't in Kansas anymore and that we do things differently is the Lit Group.

Earlier this week, the head of litigation technology at a large London law firm contacted Lit Group's Texas head office because he could not get an answer from the company's Sun Street offices in London. He was sent the following press release (a press release that, despite its 20th May date, was news to him – and news to us)…

Houston, Texas, May 20, 2008 — In a recent move to expand their service capabilities, Scarab Consulting has acquired DigIT Technologies, LIT Group Inc, and RLS Legal Solutions. The portfolio of companies will merge under Scarab Consulting, which will expand its operations to include offices in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, New York, Plano, and Dallas. The newly combined company will present the most comprehensive array of products and e-discovery services in the industry, including data collection and culling services via its world‐class proprietary software.

“We are pleased to welcome DigIT Technologies, RLS Legal Solutions and LIT Group to the Scarab Consulting family,“ said Ken Naumann, CEO of Scarab Consulting. “The addition of these three companies and the substantial presence they bring with them coupled with Scarab’s already proven consulting services methodology will allow us to serve our clients with greater efficiency and responsiveness,” Naumann added, “Specifically, the addition of the New York office of RLS and the Texas offices of LIT Group will add significant processing capabilities and a broader national presence to the already impressive offerings of the Scarab facilities.” In the coming weeks, Scarab Consulting will be announcing unique packaging options for its wide array of product and service bundles. For additional information on services or products provided by Scarab, please visit

No mention is made of Lit Group's erstwhile London operations – nor do we know the fate of Mark Burrows, their main liaison man between the company and the UK legal market. As our law firm contact commented “a very quiet withdrawal from the UK market”.

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According to LinkedIn, Mark Burrows is still with Lit Group. We've also been informed that the Lit Group actually departed these shores about 18 months ago. Oh dear – nobody noticed they'd gone til now.

Mark Burrows update – despite what it says on LinkedIn, it appears he has moved on – to Legastat then CaseLogistix and last heard of at Anacomp.

…sounds like a classic Jason Bourne safe house situation…there was never any group called this. It is just a fading fake plaque above a door which leads to an empty office used for emergency situations (e.g. like if you're a legal technology vendor and you realise that Lexis Nexis have not yet approached you with an offer). Don't come out until they've stopped following you!

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