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Vinasty – keep watching the blog

No fresh stories to report on the IRIS/CSG/Vin Murria saga (aka Vinasty) however we're getting a lot of interesting comments being posted to both the most recent stories – and it will be interesting to see if IRIS go ahead with the rumoured/planned/almost finalised £6million acquisition of another well known legal software supplier that competes in pretty much the same market space as Mountain.

23 replies on “Vinasty – keep watching the blog”

Thanks Charles, can we keep playing guess who?
TFB – Surely not, after every thing Simon has said?

If you keep playing this game you are going to run out of names and the last one standing will be the one.
Don't suppose Elite is for sale for £6m?

No – £6m for Elite, come on, you are a few zeros short of a sandwich there

I know who it is but what happens if I say the name. Presumably you will still say “no” or would you just not make a comment?

Whoever is guessing has missed Norwel off their list but would Charles say yes if he knew?

Five wrong answers and one correct answer – give the man (or woman) a prize!

OK, so what's the word on the MSS drums? Come on Kevin, you usely have something to say!

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