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Vinasty, part 97: Vin Murria nominated for award

The nominations for the Eastern Eye Asian Business Awards 2010 have just been announced and in the running for the Asian Businesswoman of the Year is… Vin Murria – best known in the legal IT sector for her work with CSG, now part of the IRIS Legal group. Here's the formal nomination wording…
Vinodka Murria from Holborn is the Chief Executive of Advanced Computer Software Plc, an AIM-listed healthcare software acquisition vehicle with a market cap of £120m, an impressive achievement for a company which launched less than two years ago. Professionally, Vin is one of the shining lights of the software sector in the UK. Her 20-year career has spanned venture capital, private equity, chief executive and operational roles, with a strong focus on mergers & acquisitions. Vin’s working life began just after she had finished her A levels, when with a place at university awaiting her, she went to work for her father, who was in danger of losing his corner shop. She also finds time to support the PS Foundation which pays for the education of children in Amritsar and Delhi, the cities her family trace their roots back to.