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Visualfiles to process Law Society complaints

The Law Society's Consumer Complaints Service (CCS) has selected LexisNexis Visualfiles to supply a complaint management system to its offices in Leamington Spa. The decision follows a six-month evaluation process by the CCS who assist consumers in England and Wales who encounter problems when dealing with a solicitor.
Deborah Evans, Chief Executive CCS, said: “The selection of the Visualfiles product will support the ongoing service improvement to our customers through the introduction of an online complaints process, enhanced management information, and efficiency gains in our casework process. I am delighted that we have found a system that matches our requirements so closely.”
Judith Hetherington Smith, Director of ICT for the Law Society, said: “We were impressed that the implementation of the Visualfiles product has managed to meet The Law Society of Scotland's pressures on its complaints management process. Our focus is on the consumer and the automation of processes that we will achieve will lead to enhanced customer service levels. The Visualfiles system will enable us to handle our complaints in a visible and transparent fashion. As a future stage we expect to implement the web portal capability of Visualfiles to allow consumers to view complaints status via the Internet.”