Worried about missing the migration deadline for moving off Microsoft Windows XP – no support after 8th April 2014 – then take a leaf out of the HMRC taxman’s book and just wave your hands in the air, like you just don’t care.

New data, collected under a Freedom on Information (FoI) request by the tech news service The Register www.theregister.co.uk – reveals that the HMRC has 85,784 PCs, of which 85,268 are still on/currently moving off Windows XP and 58,631 are still using/moving off the Internet Explorer 6 browser. The HMRC began its migration in 2012 and expects to have completed its move to more recent versions of Windows and Internet Explorer by “the end” of 2014. I’m guessing the HMRC will not be quite so lenient if I pay my taxes 9 months late?