To coincide with World Backup Day on 31 March (or Easter Sunday in the UK*) Kroll Ontrack has published the results of a survey of 600 recent customers of its Ontrack Data Recovery service. (Breakdown: North America – 27%, Europe – 58%, APAC – 15%) This found that one third of respondents had experienced parsonal data loss and two-thirds had lost business data.

The survey results indicated that external hard drive backup was still the most used and sought after approach to backing up both business and personal data. In fact, of those that utilised a backup solution, 60% used an external drive solution, while 15% leveraged the cloud and 15% backed up to tape.

* Who knew it was World Backup Day? (Motto: Don’t be an April Fool, Backup your Files – Check your Restores) And added complication in the UK is that the 31st sees the clocks roll forward one hour for summertime – so that’s an extra opportunity for backups to go wrong.