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vTestify and Esquire launch end-to-end remote deposition platform


Court services provider Esquire Deposition Solutions has partnered with remote deposition and exhibit management provider vTestify to launch eLitigate, a secure virtual deposition platform with all-in-one videoconferencing and exhibit management capabilities for attorneys and court reporters.

Currently in pilot phase, Esquire eLitigate will be released commercially in August 2021.

Witnesses appear and give evidence on the left of the screen, with exhibits in the centre, and time stamped transcriptions of the hearing to the right.

Speaking to Legal IT Insider, Esquire’s CEO Terrie Campbell said: “Since March last year we have conducted 100,000 depositions remotely and we had already tested the process of handling remote depositions well before the pandemic hit.”

Mike Hewitt, CEO of vTestify added: “Our approach is not one of simply taking a point solution and using it for a specific action, which is how you would see Zoom or Box leveraged in this situation. It was important to us that we created a service delivery platform. It is purpose built and specific to the needs of attorneys, court reporters and witnesess.”

Data security is the number one concern when leveraging technology in the deposition space and the new partnership felt that it was critical to create a chain of custody with regard to how exhibits are handled.

Campbell said: “Companies have taken Zoom and Box and put them into play as a way to address an emerging need. While Zoom has risen to the challenge in securing the videos, the challenge is not just the exhibits but the feed of the transcript and the ability to annotate all within one secure environment. Zoom is not purpose built.”

Hewitt added: “That’s a key tennet and why we’re so excited – this is an end-to-end solution. Zoom has been fantastic to prove it can be done but the workflow is cumbersome.”

According to a recent Esquire survey, 78% of attorneys plan to continue conducting up to one-half of their depositions virtually in the post-pandemic world.
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