Flora Poli reports… A specialist law team in Chester is today announcing the launch of a new app aimed at individuals in a partnership agreement who want to expel one of their partners. Developed by the partnership law team at Aaron & Partners, the app enables people to bypass a potentially lengthy legal and expensive process by simply ‘swiping’ the unwanted partner out of the agreement.

Mark Briegal, who heads up the partnership law team, said: “We are often asked by our clients how they can expel their non-performing partners, and with the increased ubiquity of smartphones, it was an obvious choice to develop this app. The functionality allows disgruntled partners to upload a photo of the partner to be expelled, and with a simple swipe of the screen that individual is out of the picture – so to speak. The app also allows the user to decide between a variety of interesting, exciting and gratuitously absurd means of expulsion.”

For full information on how Aaron & Partners’ app works and to find our more about taking a partner out of an agreement, please visit www.aaronspartnershiplaw.co.uk