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Web 2.0 & social networking – nope, still don't understand it

Charles Christian writes… There is currently a debate taking place on Twitter about how to increase the number of people following you. Fair enough. However since inadvertently offending transexuals of all flavours (don't ask) earlier today – and quite a few other people who seem to think I'm a  spokesman for organised Christianity (Christian is my name, not my religion) – my total number of Twitter followers has increased. Which just goes to show something – although I'm not sure what.

4 replies on “Web 2.0 & social networking – nope, still don't understand it”, the SaaS CRM provider, has just announced the availability of Facebook and Twitter modules for its users – how long before InterAction has to follow suit?

There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and thats NOT being talked about, you are living proof that Social Networking works in that progressivly more and more people will find you, look at what you have to offer and continue to follow you, assuming you keep them interested, amused, teach something or tell them something they didnt know, ofcourse………..

A new dimension of SaaS that leads to Spy as a Service rather than Software… go and rent your customer spy oO

it is what it says on the tin – a bunch of twits
the good news is that inane drivel will always have a following – the futures bright, the futures orange (rag)

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