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Webinar: 5 Key Things the Mobile Lawyer Can Do with LINK – 18 July

See 5 indispensable document and email workflows for lawyers and staff:

1. View an NRL with Redlines and Comments
2. Open an NRL from iOS Email
3. Compare an emailed doc with a version in DMS
4. Check a doc into DMS
5. Search DMS and send an identified doc

This is a quick 20 minute webinar with a demo of these 5 things. Join us!

LINK is an encrypted container app with built-in two-factor authentication. LINK can be remotely wiped.

Our LINK mobile app gives you full access to iManage, NetDocuments, Outlook, SharePoint, Handshake & the intranet from smartphones & tablets.

Can’t attend? Please register and we will email you a link to the recording within 48 hours after the end of the Webinar.


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