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Webinar: Metadata removal in milliseconds!

Date: 2nd April 2014 at 10am GMT (11am CET)

DocsCorp is proud to announce the release of cleanDocs Desktop, its new metadata management software.

cleanDocs Desktop is a breakthrough technology from DocsCorp that enables IT Administrators to deploy a metadata management solution that delivers on speed, flexibility and control to protect against accidental information and metadata leaks.

• Maximum security – cleans documents of more than 100 metadata types in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents

• Sub-second cleaning – cleanDocs is blisteringly fast, cleaning documents at the binary level

• Multi-threaded design – uses all available cores to clean multiple documents concurrently

• Policy-based cleaning – set up enterprise-wide metadata policies to minimize risk

• Flexibility – users can modify policies at the point of sending based on a recipient’s trust level

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