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Webinar: Predictive E-Mail Management For SharePoint and Matter Centre – 15 June

June 15th at 10:00 AM EST
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DocAuto’s E-Mail Management Suite for SharePoint and Matter Center provides the most comprehensive way to properly store valuable e-mail content in SharePoint. These solutions give users easy ways to identify what e-mail content should be filed while providing flexibility to enforce e-mail management policies and minimize the impact on the end user. Join DocAuto’s CEO, David Kiefer, for a discussion and demonstration of DocAuto’s E-Mail Management solutions, including:

• ePredict, which provides real-time “zero additional click” tagging of sent and received e-mail messages, the ability to bulk process e-mail, and allows users to file from any mobile device

• Folder Manager Module, which automatically creates personal filing folders in individual users’ Exchange mailboxes based on data from any data source

• Exchange Importer Module, which brings our customers the most powerful way to migrate large volumes of Exchange content into SharePoint sites and document libraries