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Webinar: Scan to Sign – keeping your digital documents flowing with Adobe

We will be looking to the accounting sector for some of the best examples of Adobe’s platform being used to create the most efficient processes, from document generation to signature.

Adobe enterprise account executive Rawan Hantash will be sharing with us her experiences of working with the legal & accounting sectors and shedding some light on how Adobe solutions, services and partnerships support the profession’s short-term and longterm transformation objectives.

Adobe users benefit from the ability to scan, generate, review, mark up, securely share and sign documents in a cradle to grave workflow. We will look at examples of how the accounting sector is using Adobe’s platform to the full extent, while Adobe’s strategic development lead John Jolliffe will help us to understand the latest regulations and developments surrounding eSignatures.

Please join us and join in this live and interactive conversation on 9 July at 4pm BST. Register in advance here