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Website design #101 – Updated

We all know web designers sometimes 'borrow' a nifty piece of coding from another website – but the secret is to then change the wording so it fits the new website. With this consideration in mind, a contact has been in touch to say can you spot the anomaly in the How did you hear about us dropdown box?

• Since first posting this piece, the coding has been revised so it no longer refers to Eclipse. Somewhere in Manchester a website designer is collecting a P45 and loading their belongings into a bin-bag.

7 replies on “Website design #101 – Updated”

I think that says a lot about testing strategies too, I hope the testing for their solutions are better.

expected a link back to the Disney site from a Mickey Mouse outfit

Do you think they're taking this to its logical conclusion and directing any enquiries received straight through to Eclipse? Hmmm.

The Norwel website has, as a result, had more hits today than ever before!!!

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